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Professor Prakash discusses the results of his and Karthik Muralidharan’s IGC project involving providing free bikes to girls in rural Bihar.

Watch the discussion:

The above video is also featured on the Mankiw blog, as well as the homepage of the IGC.


tabletoparmy1Professor Mike Shor, who among his many talents is an amateur photographer, has had one of his photos purchased for a book cover. Evelyn Waugh’s “Officers and Gentlemen” uses a photo from a three-photo series on the cover of the French translation. You can see the series the picture was taken from here.

Prof. Oskar Harmon co-presented with Professor Steven Park at the Uconn Institute of Teaching and Learning’s lunchtime workshop “Mobile Learn for Students” on Nov. 6 2012.  The seminars provide an opportunity to gather with colleagues to listen, discuss, comment, interact, and reflect on a number of topics. Prof. Harmon is part of the Fall 2012 Mobile Learn pilot  project exploring the capabilities of the mobile App for BlackBoard Next Generation.  At the workshop Prof. Harmon discussed  his experience with creating tests, announcements, and multimedia course content for mobile devices.

Economic Inquiry, a general interest journal, has named Professor Mike Shor as Associate Editor. Published since 1962, Economic Inquiry is widely regarded as one of the top scholarly journals in its field.

Economic Inquiry has taken steps in recent years to diversify its areas of specialization. Professor Shor will primarily be assisting in the newly developed area of Competition Economics.

Professor Prakash’s “Cycling to School” project is featured on UConn Today. Professor Prakash’s project centers around providing bicycles to girls in rural India, in an effort to increase school attendance. The project is funded by the International Growth Centre .

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Professor Francis Ahking was interviewed on March 16, 2012 by Harriet Jones, business reporter for WNPR.  Ms. Jones questioned Professor Ahking on his recent piece, “How Free is Connecticut,” published in The Connecticut Economy (Spring 2012).  The interview is scheduled to air on Monday March 19, 2012 at 8:00 a.m.  Stop into the Economics Main Office (345 Monteith) for a copy of the quarterly; Prof. Ahking’s article begins on page 3.

Professor Hallwood‘s article “The Case for Fiscal Autonomy for Scotland with or without Independence,” was recently quoted by a reader in the Scotsman.  Read more here.

Last Sunday’s Harford Courant featured a full page article by Prof. Carstensen. As a director of the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis (CCEA), he is frequently asked to testify in Hartford or speak in the media, and this article summarizes his take of the state of the State of Connecticut.

He opines that Connecticut has an economy with a shrinking working age population with declining skills that is typically slow to recover from a recession. From a policy perspective, he argues that the State needs to push the life science sector and address the unusually high energy costs and the inadequate transportation infrastructure. The aging population will also require more services than before. Finally, the State needs to provide a stable business environment with respect to taxes.

Recent research by Prof. Kenneth Couch, previously presented on this blog has been featured today in an article of the Wall Street Journal. This work, written with Nicholas Jolly (MA, PhD) and Dana Placzek, shows that workers who have lost their jobs in mass layoffs suffer from significant wage losses in subsequent jobs, losses that can persist for years. The immediate drop amounts to 18% on average in a recession, leading to significant reductions in household welfare.

This story has subsequently been picked up by CNN.